BihlerMED And Lineus Medical Partnership Will Advance Comfort and Safety of IV Patients

September 7, 2017

(Phillipsburg, NJ – September 2017) BihlerMED, a leading provider of medical devices and illumination technology has entered into partnership with Lineus Medical™ to introduce the SafeBreak™ Vascular, a breakaway medical device technology. Using its innovative quick-disconnect technology, the SafeBreak Vascular helps to prevent IV failure and automatically alerts medical personnel when issues with the IV line occur.

Designed by Lineus Medical, SafeBreak Vascular is fitted with valves at either end of the device that stop the flow of fluid from the patient and the IV pump. When SafeBreak Vascular separates, the valves close and the pump signals that the IV line is in immediate need of attention.

Following its completion of the SafeBreak Vascular concept design phase, Lineus Medical recognized the need for a partner who could assist in executing the proper strategy, production planning, engineering and manufacturing. For this, the company sought the expertise of BihlerMED in October of 2016, whose past experience in the medical device and contract manufacturing industries proved critical in the advancement of the SafeBreak Vascular breakaway technology.

Maxine Nordmeyer, CEO of Bihler of America, commented on the partnership, “BihlerMED’s mission is to join with leading edge companies to bring innovative products like SafeBreak Vascular to market that improve outcomes for doctors and patients alike. We view our relationship with Lineus Medical as an exciting opportunity to dramatically impact patient comfort and save lives.”

BihlerMED has considerable expertise in engineering, development, testing and manufacturing of medical devices. Its customer-specific, scalable automated production and assembly capabilities currently in development will help bring the SafeBreak Vascular to market, with  product launch scheduled for Q1 2018.

Spencer Jones, Founder and CEO of Lineus Medical, commented on the opportunity, “The worldwide market for peripheral IVs is over one billion units a year. We expect SafeBreak Vascular to grow very quickly, and we needed to find someone with whom we were confident could produce the parts to satisfy the demand. In BihlerMED, we believe we have that Partner.”


The development of the SafeBreak Vascular is aimed at improving a couple of growing problems – one medical, the other fiscal. Up to 90% of hospital patients receive intravenous (IV) medical treatment, and IVs prematurely fail on average 46% of the time. IV failure is painful for patients, time consuming for nurses  and an expensive additional cost for healthcare systems. It is estimated that premature IV failure cost hospitals in the U.S. over $5 Billion each year.


BihlerMED has worked in close partnership with Lineus Medical to take the steps necessary to bring SafeBreak Vascular to market. It developed the strategic plan for the automated production, packaging, distribution and meeting the regulatory requirements of the product. BihlerMED’s on-site clean room research and development facility was invaluable in the design and engineering of the product’s packaging. BihlerMED has also designed the large-scale automated production for this product, which will be implemented to satisfy the demands of production and distribution.

Presently, Lineus Medical is completing the testing requirements required for FDA submission  of SafeBreak Vascular, as BihlerMED is completing engineering and production design to bring the product effectively to market. Thanks to the partnership between BihlerMED and Lineus Medical, the considerable challenges associated with IV failure can be dramatically reduced, increasing patient comfort, decreasing the burden and stress on medical professionals, while saving hospitals countless dollars.

To learn more about BihlerMED’s services, including product support, design and engineering capabilities, visit BihlerMED at the 2017 MPO SUMMIT, October 18th and 19th in San Diego, California.

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Founded in 2006, NJ-based BihlerMED designs, develops, and manufactures advanced medical devices and accessories that “Make Healthier Happen.” BihlerMED’s role goes beyond that of designer/developer; as part of the Bihler group of companies whose core competence is high volume precision automation, BihlerMED also has contract manufacturing capabilities and unique access to Bihler’s more than 40 years of technical experience. Through its commitment to safety, quality and excellence, and supported by extensive testing, the company has introduced a number of solutions that provide superior illumination and visualization to improve upon the limitations of traditional surgical lighting solutions in the operating room. And its growing line of products are CE approved in over 250 hospitals and 13 health systems. It is BihlerMED’s mission to provide surgeons the ability to perform procedures more quickly, more safely, and with better patient outcomes.


Lineus Medical is the developer of a unique, patented, break-away technology that works with all types of medical lines.  Dislodgement of feeding tubes, IV lines, urinary catheters and all other types of medical tubing is prevented by the device breaking into two pieces and protecting the patient’s catheter insertion site. The company’s first product, SafeBreak Vascular fits into any IV tubing anywhere in the world and will help prevent premature IV failure, which occur millions of times a year in the United States. More information about Lineus Medical can be found on their company website:

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