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Scintillant® Surgical Light & Suction

The Scintillant® Surgical Light is a sterile, single-use, cordless illumination device available with a variety of attachments that brings bright white LED light directly into the surgical field to “make healthier happen.” It is available in combination with either a flat retractor or suction instrument, or separately to attach to existing instruments. This versatility offers unsurpassed flexibility in use and endless possibilities. details and purchase info

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Scintillant® Dual Tip Light

Developed by BihlerMed to the exact specifications of one of the world’s largest medical device companies, this light is a shining example of how we partner with clients and work with OEMs to provide unique customer-specific solutions. full product details

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View Medical Surgilight

The Surgilight by View Medical is an exciting new surgical illumination device developed as an ergonomic alternative to headlamps. full product details