Scintillant® Dual-Tip Light.

Like our other Scintillant® Surgical Light configurations, the Scintillant® Dual-Tip Light offers untethered illumination via a cordless battery pack – the only lighting line of its kind.

The latest addition to the Scintillant® Surgical Light family of products is the Scintillant® Dual-Tip Light.

Developed by BihlerMED to the exact specifications of one of the world’s largest medical device companies, this light is a shining example of how we partner with clients and work with OEMs to provide unique customer-specific solutions.

This freedom from traditional light cords helps supply illumination to procedures where light sources aren’t always readily available or adequate. The dual-tip light was developed with specific surgical procedures in mind and designed to fit into specific apertures and illuminate surgical retractors. Developing variations off of this platform is our specialty; improving upon the limitations of standard surgical lighting equipment is our mission.

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